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When it comes to embellishment, we are only limited by our imagination. Using unique design and innovative techniques your favorite art piece can be enshrined for a lifetime.
pedestal case Corporate gifts like this one, or dolls and other three dimensional items can be encased in acrylic or displayed with just a base.
counted cross stitch  
buffalo The Hidden Valley, by Nancy Glazier.
25th wedding anniversary letter. Floated with fillet and etched glass.
opulent framing

Elements from the painting were used to design this piece. The inner fillet is a gold leaf bead. The inner mat is wrapped with a tapestry fabric. The tapestry was selected to match the robes in the painting. Adorning that are 26 one inch tassels attached with decorative studs. A gold rope cording, embellished with a smaller black rope cord, surrounds the the inner elements. this transitions into a wide metallic highlighted Bordeaux fabric mat. Finally it is finished with a decorative gold leaf frame. It measures 42x46 inches.

This piece is so opulent, Donald Trump would blush.

brooch Brooch holder. This brooch can easily be removed and replaced.
Carhartt collection of memorabilia.
This piece was framed with conventional framing elements using unconventional design. It features suede mat, fillet, and a lift. This creates space in the frame with layers that create shadows for a rich finished look.
pink shoes framed with shoe laces Elements from the image can be used in the framing. Eyelets were fitted into the mat and a shoelace was threaded and tied in a bow.
tiles photos on tiles Photos don't always need to be on paper. In this case we transferred the images into marble tiles. They were then mounted onto a fabric mat and framed with no glass.
These busts were top mounted on layers of mats with spacers in the frame. This is known as "floating". It creates shadows and interest. The white mats are fabric wrapped.
zebra skin Authentic zebra skin. Floated on black leather, no glass.
Approximate 7x3 Ft.